Preparing Our Children for a Changing World


Conscious Parent Coaching

mother and child
You are a great parent who deeply loves your kids, and what you know doesn’t always work. Life is moving so fast – you are busy and you want ways and time to emotionally connect with your kids. A child, a family member, or the family may simply be going through a rough time. Or, you may want a little extra support.
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The Soul Work of Parenting

Each generation has an opportunity to change the patterns that fed fear, pain, and separation. Our children are our teachers and gurus. When we raise kids, it gives us chances to re-raise ourselves. You want to do the deeper soul work of parenting. Read more…

Speaking & Workshops

The world is drastically changing, and we are living in a tremendous amount of uncertainty in many different ways. Yet, I know it is possible to thrive in the midst of uncertainty and unknowing. Emotional resilience is key. Read more…


Parenting is simultaneously raw and sacred, and messy and beautiful. There are no easy one-thing-fits-all answers. Yet there are profound shifts in ways of understanding and viewing, as well as skill development, that promote emotional resilience in both the caregivers and children.  In turn, we create deeper connections and grow resilience. Every cell in my body tells me that it’s possible to make positive and powerful changes in already strong individuals and families.

Hello, I’m Sarah Claudia.  I’m a licensed professional counselor, coach, Registered Play Therapist, mother, grandmother, and continual student. I’ve worked in school systems, agencies, and private practice, as counselor, mediator, and consultant. I had to learn a lot about parenting and my own healing. I’m a bridge builder to profound, helpful perspectives and strategies. Our work is collaborative, because you are the expert on your children.

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