Pick up the ball and run, step by step.

kid pic 7To be honest, I dropped the ball.

I got discouraged and stopped. I discounted positive comments from the past. Instead of asking peers or friends for feedback, I got overwhelmed. Twenty times I stopped mid blog, turned my back and walked the other way. I lost focus, belief, and felt discouraged. I buried passion.

Yet, I could stand in the middle of a full Madison Square Garden and talk exuberantly about our children and the future: the power of creativity; the magic of mindfulness; and the power of the ever-growing learning curve needed to really listen to and connect with others.

How often do we and our kids stop or slow to a near stop out of lack of focus and discouragement? When do we keep ourselves from reaching out to others for feedback or encouragement? When do we let belief drain out of us without even knowing what’s going on?

I shifted. I listened to inner wisdom and got some help. I’m back on track and learning.

The Search Institute, initially, and still, known for the 40  Developmental Assets that support childhood resilience, has widely and wonderfully branched out into grounded research-based education about perseverance, and how to nurture the quality of perseverance in our children. Check out the “Igniting Sparks Curricula” (http://www.searchinstitute.org/publications/motivation). I relate to the word “spark”, and I’ll use it when I talk to kids.

Their Parent Further article “Strategies for Setting Expectations: Insights from and for Parents” captures helpful strategies to help parents in setting expectations that support student motivation.(http://www.parentfurther.com/blog/strategies-for-setting-expectations) Using the amazing and comprehensive article, I realized I needed to build in support, or scaffolding. I remind myself that failure is part of learning and growing, and that I keep learning.

I also like focusing on what it’s really about: the Madison Square Garden-size acknowledgement of my passion. It’s about acknowledging passion and choice, and choosing in the direction of the passion. (thepassiontest.com)

Debbi dePorter, a long time educator of rapid and enhanced learning for educators and youth,  developed the 8Keys (http://8keys.org/8keys.aspx). Her 4th Key is that of commitment. I realize it can take a high degree of commitment and focus to make dreams happen. This awareness sinks in deeply, even as I write.

 What are your self-imposed energy drains and snares? When do you convince yourself that you can “do” without the scaffolding? Do you ever see this mirrored in your children? Where can you add commitment, spark-awareness, support, or choice to the pursuit of a dream or goal?

What’s one step that would support either yourself or a child?

We are in this together; We learn from each other and take our steps together.

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