The Well of Well-Being

garden2I am sinking down, drifting further down, like a pebble thrown into a clear pure well. It’s the well of Being. It’s the journey that starts deep inside of me. The pebble tossed into the well floats down slowly, first sending out ripples, and, later gently bouncing on the bottom.

The well goes far into underground cisterns and estuaries, freshly fed by crystal clear water, that’s rich and sources life.

Sometimes I pause, take a moment to chose, and other times it is the meeting place of the unknown or the Sacred. I take the time to go deeper, to trust and to listen. 

This dive is the antithesis of our quick moving, decisive, data driven, technological culture. Yet, it’s a perspective I crave more and more. 

Helping my daughter with housework, I began to feel overwhelmed with all the doing, then decided to move a little slower, relax my shoulders, throw in the pebble and dive down deeply. I enjoyed the spaces, the pauses. The housework became fun.

It wasn’t always like this. For years I was like a water skier on the surface zipping over waves. I didn’t know that it was even possible to do anything else. I bounced along, then heard inside that growing and loving felt good and was the only direction I could follow. 

At first going deep felt scary. At times the water has been murky, and at other times a grate has barred the well’s entrance. There has been gentle excavation, surrender and discovery, pain and joy. I was gifted with the support, circumstances, and teachers that taught me how to learn from everything. I learned to trust myself and my feelings, give myself, love, space and time, and to follow the threads of intuition and the movement of love.

I am convinced that well-being in our often stress-full and disconnected culture takes intention. Without clear intention and surrounding oneself with support that is going in the same direction as wellbeing, we are reminded of the 2/3 of Americans who are not very happy. (…)

The intention to source wellbeing can be fed by nature, prayer, mindfulness, gratitude, play, creativity, rendezvous with the sacred, clear boundaries, connections with others, taking care of ourselves, love, and passion. All start from within.

It takes a lot of commitment, and can mean shifting priorities. Sometimes I put on the water skis. I eventually trip, and then remember to source my well-being from the abundant and rich depths of the well.

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