I Choose Love

intersectionI was asked to write a blog about “Simplify’. I felt challenged. I clutter. My brain make things more complicated than they are. Who am I to be the expert on “Simplify”? What if I didn’t have a captivating story? 

What would it mean to simplify a day or my life? … Take a mental health day and head for the mountains? Eat lightly? Not make any serious decisions? Declutter a closet? Perhaps.
I asked myself what “simplify” meant, and I didn’t get a clear answer. I stayed with the question. If I stopped frequently to ask myself what it would mean to simplify my life that moment,  what would show up?  Here’s what I discovered:
Just breathe.
Stop and tune in, observe, observe what I notice inside and out.
Accept whatever is present now.
Take my hands in front of me and dust off the metaphorical cobwebs.
Choose to surrender and receive.
Choose to give.
Laugh and play with whatever I do.
Choose love.
The last, “Choose Love” resonated deepest with me. It’s so simple. Choose what brings me closer to love. With the day half over, my task became choosing in the direction of love. 
I realized that even a blog or washing clothes can be an act of love. The simple act of blog writing done by a “non-writer” meant choosing to shift altitude and attitude. 
I sense many layers and meanings of, “I choose love”. They beg for for me to listen in silence and wisdom.
When you sink down inside, into your strength, wisdom, gut and heart, what does “simplify” mean to you this moment? What does it mean to “choose love”? What does choosing love in relationships mean? What if we modeled the presence of choosing love in the moment to our children?
I decided to start a 30-day challenge on what it meant to choose love daily. Will you join me? 

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