Conscious Parent Coaching

mother and childYou are a great parent who deeply loves your kids, and what you know doesn’t always work. Life is moving so fast – you are busy and you want ways and time to emotionally connect with your kids. A child, a family member, or the family may simply be going through a rough time. Every cell in my body tells me that it’s possible to make positive and powerful changes in already strong individuals and families.

  • You are concerned about your children and their future – Will they have the emotional resilience to stay strong and on course?
  • Perhaps there’s a child with whom its difficult to connect emotionally.
  • You may feel frustrated because the same patterns keep repeating.
  • You may feel so busy that you feel depleted giving from an empty vessel. You know that affects your children.
  • You may want help in creating more time and ways to connect with your children.
  • You want extra support in figuring out a tough situation, or want support in getting back on track.

You are ready to commit to your own emotional resilience and that of your child. Through developing basic awarenesses and practicing with simple tools, its possible to connect, understand, and, overall, have an easier time as a parent. Using the language of play and creativity, you will learn to model emotional resilience.  You will know what to do with strong emotions and how to shift patterns.

The skills you learn include listening, reflecting, developing mindfulness, using appreciation, and play, the language of children.

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The Soul Work of Parenting

man-person-cute-youngEach generation has an opportunity to change the patterns that fed fear, pain, and separation. Our children are our teachers and gurus. When we raise kids, it gives us chances to re-raise ourselves. You want to do the deeper soul work of parenting. You want to thrive and bring into balance all parts of yourself.

A good and devoted parent, you feel frustrated and sometimes confused and hopeless. You may see your child repeating your patterns, or not see a way to get from under your own patterns. You  know that as long as you are still not free of them, it’s hard to give full attention to yourself, your life, and parenting. You may have come to a wall, or you may simply know now is the time.

You will shift feelings of overwhelm, fear, shame, and depletion, to a deeper understanding of your relationship with yourself and your child as your teacher. You will trust yourself as a parent more, and find the value of presence in your relationship with yourself and your child. You will develop mindfulness and how that interfaces with the emotional work of parenting. You will replace stuck patterns with self-acceptance, feeling seen and understood, enabling new choices for yourself and the children in your life.

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Speaking & Workshops

earth handsThe world is drastically changing, and we are living in a tremendous amount of uncertainty in many different ways. Yet, I know it is possible to thrive in the midst of uncertainty and unknowing.  Emotional resilience is key. It sets a firm foundation of strength for ourselves and our children in this changing world.  As parents, we want to know that we are modeling and teaching resilience to our children, so that they can move out into the world able to deal with the changes in life.

I’ve done presentations with classrooms, parents, teachers, and parents and children together. I love finding ways to bring together the heart and mind. I  shape the essence of facts and research with the depth of heart and body-based knowing, and presenting it in a way that powerfully resonates.

You will be part of an uplifting conversation about our children and ourselves, and the meaning of resilience. You will feel inspired, and the conversations will continue.  We have barely begun to tap the possibilities of positive collaborative and creative conversations. Together we are more powerful than we can imagine.

Possible Speaking Topics

  • Preparing Our Children for a Changing World
  • The Deeper Work of Parenting
  • Growing Resilience in Ourselves and Our Children
  • Sarah, I Want to Hear You Roar!
  • Our Rooms with Beating Hearts

Workshop on Demand

Seeing the Light of Greatness in Ourselves and in Our Children 

Using a profound Hawaiian Story, the participates will create and decorate their own clay “Bowls” of Light”. They will share their bowls and also learn about the rocks that can get in the way of seeing and remembering the Light. They will experience removing them and seeing beyond them.

Participants will experience: the transformation and self-empowerment that comes from feeling seen and listened to; greater self-acceptance; a link into a positive, powerful future; awareness of more choices; and new stronger reference points for parent-child connection. Parents will nurture their child’s greatness and creativity while being clear about limits and structure.

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