Sarah made a simple suggestion that has completely transformed our evenings at home as a family. Her wisdom and experience as a counselor and coach has made a big difference in our lives as parents.Kate Latimer, Santa Fe Mom
Sarah’s zest for life comes through in her work with children and parents, whether it is coaching, counseling, consultation, or other innovative programs. Her compassion, creativity and playfulness make her a wonderful facilitator for helping parents safely maneuver the challenges of parenting in our changing world. I highly recommend her!W.M. Santa Fe, NM
Sarah is a conduit for the paradigm change of creativity, positivity, self-acceptance and love, grace and unity. Her strengths are intuition and information, truth, honesty, self-acceptance, and integrity. She is great at caring, communicating, learning, self-awareness, and holding light for others!!!B.B. St. Louis, MO
Working (or should I say “playing”) with Sarah is like taking a deep breath of pure clean oxygen. Creatively using her insightful feminine perspective laced with a powerful presence of being and enthusiastic and delightful sense of humor, she gently awakens the imagination to the possibilities of creating a compelling and hope-filled vision for the future of our children.C.V. Denver, CO